The Next Frontier in Natural Products

Developing revolutionary natural products by pioneering BigDNA™ meta/genomic tools to explore the vast microbial biodiversity on our planet

Natural Products through BigDNA™


Our research scientists harness the naturally occurring variety of microbial life present in soil and other environments to develop improved enzymes, pathways and drugs.



Varigen is developing technologies for the sequence-specific capture, amplification, sequencing, and over-expression of long DNA to dramatically simplify the production of natural products.



DNAtrap™️ Biosynthetic Gene Cluster Cloning technology provides custom cloning of pathways up to 100 kb in length. Recombinant BGCs in 10 days!



July 2017 – Varigen Biosciences certified by State of Wisconsin as a Qualified New Business Venture.

May 2017 – Varigen Biosciences is awarded a National Institutes of Health SBIR grant to enable cloning of complex and large DNAs, such as biosynthetic gene clusters.

March 2017 – Dr. David Mead, CEO of Varigen Biosciences, co-organizes Synthetic Biology for Natural Products meeting.

January 2017 – Varigen Biosciences is awarded a National Science Foundation SBIR grant to enable amplification of biosynthetic gene clusters and other large DNAs.

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Varigen Biosciences Corporation is an NIH- and NSF-funded effort to harness naturally occurring microbial diversity to develop the next generation of natural products through genomics and metagenomics. Varigen's team is led by researchers with over 125 years of combined experience.