BGCexpress™ Dual Promoter Cloning Service

Our standard cloning service is now enhanced through BGCexpress™ technology. As an optional upgrade to the DNAtrap™ BGC cloning service, your biosynthetic gene cluster (BGC) of interest can be cloned directly from genomic DNA into our advanced Streptomyces heterologous expression vector that contains inducible promoters on either side of the BGC insertion site. Controlled transcription from one or both dual inducible promoters can be used to turn on or overexpress your cluster to enhance production of valuable secondary metabolites. DNAtrap™ with BGCexpress™ Dual Promoter Cloning technology is significant faster than competing methods such as TAR cloning and delivers a flexible construct directly ready for heterologous expression studies.

What used to take us 2 years just took 2 months, soup to nuts!! We will be moving to publish this now-deorphaned Natural Product straight away!

Neil Kelleher

Northwestern University, on cloning and heterologous expression of a Streptomyces biosynthetic gene cluster

BGC Dual Promoter Vector Cloning

Inducible heterologous expression of Streptomyces coelicolor ACT (21 kb) and RED (33 kb) BGCs in Streptomyces lividans Δact Δred. ACT and RED BGCs contain the biosynthetic potential for blue and red pigments respectively, yet they express poorly in the S. lividans background. Clusters with low basal expression like ACT and RED can be dramatically activated using BGCexpress™ dual promoter technology.
Heterologous expression of metagenomic BGCs in Streptomyces coelicolor M1154. One clone of your BGC gives you multiple different downstream expression options. In these real-world examples of soil metagenome clusters cloned with BGCexpress™ technology, pathways can be activated by either or both inducers to generate bioactive molecules capable of inhibition of pathogens like A. baumannii.

Get your BGC in a Streptomyces Inducible Expression Vector in 10 days!


  • Dual-inducible promoters improve odds of turning on or over-expressing a pathway
  • Up to 150 kb gene cluster clones from virtually any microbe
  • Enables capture of hard-to-amplify sequences
  • Delivered, verified clones. No library screening required
  • IP protection for recombinant clone (and activities thereof)
  • Customer retains all rights and ownership
Precision capture and cloning of intact pathways up to 150 kb
Send us your microbial sample & sequence and our scientists do the rest!
10 day turn around
Cheaper than other methods (e.g. TAR or traditional BAC cloning)
Multiple BAC vector options and any sequenced genome
Customer retains all rights and ownership

Example Targets

  • Large secondary metabolism pathways, including repetitive polyketide and nonribosomal peptide natural products
  • Genomic islands, virulence factors, proviruses, antibiotic biosynthetic pathways, etc
  • Long operons, amplification resistant genes

What you provide

  • Microbial cells
  • Whole-genome sequence
  • Biosynthetic gene cluster target of interest

What you receive

  • Sequence-verified BAC clone of your region of interest
  • Turn around time of 10 days!


  • Customizable bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) vector

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