Access Millions of Variant Genes through Metagenomics

Thousands of natural product pathways with complete operons and millions of novel genes from the most diverse microbial environment on earth

Soil Metagenomics

Using BIGDNA™ Technology

Our research scientists harness the naturally occurring variety of microbial life present in soil and other environments to develop improved enzymes, cultures and drugs. The science of metagenomics, tapping into natural biodiversity using genetic methods, has led to unprecedented discoveries about microbiomes associated with humans and other habitats. Varigen Biosciences uses and improves upon this wealth of biodiversity using proprietary methods to create novel variants that have beneficial applications for medical, agricultural and industrial use.
Product Lines

Varigen Biosciences is developing revolutionary products for the sequence specific capture, amplification, sequencing, and over expression of long DNA (20-150 Kb) to dramatically simplify the production of natural products.

BIGDNA™ Soil Metagenomic Libraries are the only large insert (>100 kb) libraries that contain full pathways and have been sequenced. Please see products page for more details.

Our History
Varigen was founded in 2016. Our research team has over 125 years of expertise in molecular biology and microbiology.
Metagenomic Libraries Image